Rudiments of cryptocurrency app for exchanging

Bitpapa is a peer-to-peer where trading takes place without any intermediate between the peers. We bitpapa commodities assure you the guarantee of execution of trades taking place between them. We maintain an Escrow account to save the seller’s coin in advance to help the buyers until the trade gets completed.

The main advantage of our using our Bitpapa is we will not charge any commission for trading or any internal transfers so this is very useful for the customers to feel free to contact us. We charge only to the ad owners who gain a lot of profits that too with limited percentage.

Another thing the buyer and seller keenly observe is whether it’s secure for transactions we give you 100% assurance for this. We will provide you encrypt and decrypt key for the buyer and seller who can use the key to view the transactions taking place in that way we assure there will be no miscommunications. 

We care for our customers we will have an escrow account where all internal transfers take place through this account so, in that way, all trades are protected and secure. We will provide you with a safe wallet to send, store and receive Bitcoins, USDT, etc. A wallet is safe and convenient to use.

The foremost thing is that it’s accessible through your mobiles so that it is accessible from your place and can be used at your convenience. We especially have a web interface to clear our customer’s feedback and queries 24/7. This is very simple to use and anyone can understand and use it freely. On mobile, if you download the bitpapa mobile crypto app you can trade everywhere. Click here to download the app.

Essentials of Bitpapa App:    

Initially, after downloading the Bitpapa app these are the things, you can enjoy.

  • You can trade everywhere
  • All-time support from the team in any situation the guidance is provided
  • You can get Bitcoin very quickly and easily without paying any extra commissions. No money is wasted through any of the overpayments.
  • The crypto exchange takes place instantly from your mobile it doesn’t matter where you are and at what time you’re trying to exchange.

Telegram facility:

Here we provide you with the crypto wallet and exchange bot in Telegram. Feel free to join Telegram and enjoy the facilities available. We provide you with no commissions. There will be safe and comfortable trading taking place in messenger. We have also formed a strong community and it is available 24/7 can be accessed at any time irrespective of place and time.

We have a feedback box for all the clients who can share their feedback about our services. We are ready to upgrade our services through your feedback. We are growing day by day by getting feedbacks irrespective of positive or negative feedback. We have different payment methods to buy or sell cryptocurrency you can select it as per your choice.

Though we have a lot of agencies for this cryptocurrency we still stand in a place where we stand first to the clients who are our regular clients who feel very comfortable.