Top-4 Trends in Manicure: Natural Look is a Key

How to create the trendiest nail design? Now it’s all about natural-looking short nails. Let’s take a look at how to make such a manicure, which products to use and where to buy them.

However there are a lot of extraordinary manicures on Instagram, the main trend is naturalness. Especially, if we’re speaking about the usual everyday life, when there’s no need for attracting much attention and making people speak about you. So how to create the most fashionable nail look?

Trend №1 – Short Nails

First of all, cut your nails short. It’s not only comfortable but trendy too. Don’t forget about the shape too. One’s nails shouldn’t be too sharp or square, choose oval shape instead.

Trend №2 – Transparent Coverage

The most convenient manicure ever! Just take care of your cuticle, skin and nail length and put on a transparent nail polish. It’s the most durable variant, so it’ll be perfect for modern busy women.

Trend №3 – Nude

Pink and beige colors are still in trend. So, overview what you have at home, there’s probably a bottle of nail polish which is still fashionable. If you don’t have one, look at the natural rubber base Kodi professional. This base creates a great look for a long period of time. Those who like home-made manicure will appreciate it for price and salon-looking result.

Trend №4 – Classic

Those who prefer putting one color on nails without any patterns and glitters should be happy as it’s a trend not to do so much with your nails. Take your favorite color and spend a few minutes on a manicure.

So, don’t limit your imagination, if you want to make something crazy on the nails. But if you’re lazy for this – it’s a trend!