The Secrets of Earning Money on Cryptocurrency in 2018

How to get profits on crypto when it’s so popular? ICO catalog knows the answer. Ratings and charts, tips and guides, ICO calendar and the most profitable crypto are waiting for you on the website.

Do you think that all money which could be earned on crypto is already earned? So it’s a mistake, and you still have time to become an investor. Today we’ll show some things to do to start getting profits when first millions are already owned by pioneers.

Find a reliable source of information

To become aware of what’s happening on the market, find some websites and forums with objective facts and researches. Follow all charts and ratings which compare crypto on different indexes. For example, there’s ICO Catalog which represents almost 300 coins and helps to find the best to invest in. The authors look at the tokens’ dates of start and end, potency, activity, messages, backlinks, evaluation, and EAP. Every day new coins appear so you’ll get the freshest information.

Run risks

Of course, you always can invest in Bitcoin or Litecoin which seem to be reliable and almost recognized in the real world. But instead of that, we recommend looking at the cheapest cryptocurrency which has just appeared on the market. It’s risky but worth it. New coins have a big potential and can unpredictably bring great profits.

Become an ICO maker

One more way is to create your own crypto and attract investors. Look at the existing ones and estimate their pros and cons. After the analysis, choose the platform and algorithm for new coins. But don’t rush and prepare everything before publication: a team, project and goals, a promoting video.