The Reasons Why Bestmixer is Reliable

Every cryptocurrency earner is aware of services which mix coins. It provides users with anonymity and a high level of security. Today we’ll find out what features there’re in Bestmixer which give people such opportunities.

Anonimous creators

Nobody knows which names are behind Bestmixer creation. Also, it’s impossible to find their data centers and addresses. It means that both government and cybercriminals can’t make anything with users’ personal data and interfere in a mixing process.

No personal information is left

All the details about mixing are deleted in 24 hours after it’s finished. So even the website itself doesn’t keep recipients’ addresses.

Bestmixer’s protection

You can be sure on this website because the old coins wouldn’t be returned after mixing. Depending on the amount of currency there’ll be from 1 to 6 confirmations. The transaction delay time is regulated using tenths of a percent so there’s a guarantee that users control the process.

Additional features

Bestmixer gives an opportunity to choose the fund you mix money in. There’re three options: fund created from clients’ money, the next combines clients’ and investors’ coins and the third is fully made from investments. They’re correspondingly called “Alpha Pool”, “Beta Pool” and “Gamma Pool”. More info: bitcoin shuffle

One more thing which is interesting for website administrators – Bestmixer can be integrated into any platform you own. Open the “API” section and read how to do it. All codes are open and adding the mixer is absolutely free.
All in all, Bestmixer is an interesting service which decreases the risks of earning and transacting cryptocurrency. Stay invisible for government and cybercriminals by using this website.