Effective use of web push notifications

What is important to consider when designing a subscription to web push notifications to make it as effective as possible? Let’s look at the possible options for making web push notifications effective It can be used automatically without changing anything.

Using web push notifications effectively

You can humanize the subscription to make it more understandable and interesting, for example, for Central Asia.

If you are ready to subscribe a person not only technically, but also in two clicks, you can change the text and insert your requests to make them as motivating as possible.

When using the push advertising network it can use the following subscription formats to make push notifications effective:

  • Lightboxes – pop-up windows that offer a subscription to notifications from the site
  • Panel
  • You can also use the top of the screen – the Safari style and even a floating button with a bell

Over time, the effectiveness of subscriber base usage is dropping. It is very important to immediately establish contact with the client so that in the future he will not unsubscribe from you as long as possible.

The simplest and most effective method is to send a welcome push message.

It is not advisable to send a whole series of such welcome web-pushes. Using an automated function on the push service will help you do it more effectively. Thus, you immediately prepare a person for the fact that he will receive notifications from your site, how they will look, and how often they will come.

If you look at the analytics, delivery of complimentary web push notifications is 93.45% with links on the order of 12.69%.

To warm up the interest of a new subscriber, send him another notification 1–3 minutes later with an offer, for example, to look at your portfolio or customer references about your work (with the appropriate links). A day later, send another notice with an appeal, for example, to subscribe to you in social networks.

If you have an online clothing store, make a series of welcome messages with advice on choosing the product.

It is strongly recommended to use a chain of notifications. While the customer is interested, you will be able to reach out to him as efficiently as possible and encourage him to buy.

By itself, the web push notification, of course, has the same effect. However, it works best when connected to other internet tools.